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Posted by Admin at Korea S. Thursday, July 5, REC Posted by Admin at 5: Wednesday, June 13, Stateless Things Friday, December 10, The Movie April 27, Language: Royston Tan Main Cast: The adventure of five fifteen year old boys in Singapore: Their imaginary is completely colonized by MTV, cartoons, electronic jingles, publicity and comics. Interpreted by street-kids that belong to the group they represent, this audacious and disturbing first work by the twenty-six year old Royston Tan explores an adolescent world, dramatically marked by the conflictual under-culture and complete addiction to video clip and videogame aesthetics.

The existential suburban hardship, compared to the bright "western" and "English speaking" metropolis, is consumed through moving and desperate dialogues inscribed in a progression of disturbing sequences, similar to short sketches that slowly reconstruct the relational, psychological and family dynamics of the five boys. A sincere and lyrical film but at the same time irreverent, scandalous and extreme, an expression of Singapore cinema, unknown and emerging.

Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Here you will find a directory of asian gay-themed films. This blog also contains plot summaries, movie screenshots, trailers, and links to streaming movies. Thanks for the tip.

7 Asian gay films that will make you fall in love with oriental men

Hate those last 15 minutes change ups. It has BL, straight and GL elements. Sorry I just found your comment! Thanks for the rec! I added it to the list. Funny how that guy seems to be in all the gay dramas now…. You forgot hormones the series season 3 thai , The condo and the barista thai , girls blood japanese , blue japanese , uncontrollable love china.

Most Popular "Gay Asian" Titles

Have you seen them? Is Hormones 3 better than 2? I even watched that thing. The sequel comes out soon though—which seems like a rehash of the first.

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If not you have to! Also a super cute ending I hate a sad ending so no probs there and pretty good quality in my opinion. The closeted main character is a touch annoying, but it all works out in the end! I want to say I saw that one, but it may have just been one I saw the end on. Fair enough with Love of Siam. Uncontrolled Love is so sad but so nice though. Hey its currently being subbed by the W2S subteam up to episode 4.

You can find it on dailymotion http: Btw love your blog. This is where i found out about love sick and heroin.

Plz keep on updating this blog i need my bl fix for the rest of my life. Thanks for the comment! I swear the ones I like usually are the boring and depressing ones. I was watching Skip and first I was weirded out by the love for the guy who looks like your dead brother thing, and then the swap?? What was going on in that writing room? I just wanted to tell you guys that Grey Rainbow is really-really good. I honestly did not want to watch any more BL series after i finished Grey Rainbow it totally consumed me.

I have a heart attack every time they smile especially Nuer!!!!

I feel like, since the rest is so good, it would tear apart my poor little heart. I would really appreciate your help. You watched Love sick, right? If not, go outside and watch it right now. Also, though the story is mixed in with other storylines, I completely recommend the Korean drama Life Is Beautiful. So touching. I was hoping they would try and do it under the radar like the other LGBT content coming out, but it looks like there is no such luck. Stephanie, thank you for making this list. I especially appreciate your comments on some of the shows you listed here, I watched too many LGBT-themed shows of poor production values, terrible acting and writing.

I wanted hours spent on those horrible shows back! Thank you! This is exactly why I started the list—there is soooo much crap out there.

LGBT Asian movies and dramas. ♥ - by DragonAlien - MyDramaList

Not to mention its hard to know what to look for. Candy and Kiss was terrible!!! Can you just make a list of the good ones? Gay ok bangkok is also a nice one, well, its more like a advetiser or sth like that but i think its a nice webseries. And sotus is a greatt drama!

Film Gay - Плейбой и банда Черри 2017 (озвучка Pus'ki production)

Hi guys, can someone help me understand which series or movies are in this video? I know 2, Happy together and Uncontrolled Love, but would really like to know the others. Thanks for the list. The end credits showed clips of the real players during the match and on the talk show circuit.

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This list is amazing! So go watch it! Is it lesbian or not? Will they, have they, or are they a couple? It more like admiration..? The younger girl is poor and feels atracted to the power that the older has, and wants to be like her. The older sees herself in the younger so they bond pretty fast. Hi, thanks for the list.. I was looking everywhere for some of sort of list about lgbt movies in Asia.

However, I did watch The Dreamer mini-series and though I think it was more of a promotional stunt for products of a certain company, it was okay for me. The series only has 4 episodes so it was really short. The girls were both pretty, and the boy was cute. So, I was sick in bed today and none of my usual dramas were cutting it.

Candy and Kiss https: I also think the actor was miscast for the wallflower, shy type. IDK, this person interpretation of the character was to play him on odd and sometimes childish side. Anyway , happy ending. WaterBoyy https: I still have Earn stuck in my head…so Nam did not translate as a different character to me.

In fact, he acted just like Earn in certain parts, which was not good. Happy ending. Some plot holes. All in all.

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My Hero https: In order for her not to be forgotten by her love bf. So her soul jumps into the body of a boy, with a goal that she has 7 days to make her bf fall in love with her or him. Many were not happy with the body swap idea, bc they classify it as not true BL. But it turns out to be a really cute series. Worth the watch until the end. Also, Diary of Tootsie is back with a Season 2!!!!! I rarely make posts here, but I always check back into this site to see if any new series are out.

Keep it up. Love it. The K2 — okay, i think everyone knows this drama, or at least has heard of it, I started watching it because of Yoona, and surprisingly found out that the Secretary of the Step mother of the character of Yoona, had a huge crush on her boss and she knew that -her boss, i mean.

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  • Voice — Even tho the story is good so far the acting could be better. The plot is about two cops trying to catch the psychopath that killed the father of the main f protagonist and the wife of the main m protanist. But I think you should watch it yourself and decide for yourself. Another thing, Hormones 3 has an open ending to the lesbian couple, but It was happy. They deal with their parents acepting them and everything works out in the end I saw it a long time ago and my memory could be wrong, but at least I remember it with a happy -open- ending.

    Great list!